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Rocketo Dental Chews

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The absolute best dental chews on the Market. They work by changing the microbiome of your dogs mouth encouraging the break down of plaque - pair with an abrasive chew such as fish fingers or red fish fritters for a plaque busting combo!

Ingredients: Dehydrated organic chicken hearts and livers, dehydrated organic coconut, dehydrated organic egg wrack (Ascophyllum Nodusum), dehydrated organic apples, organic chia seeds, dehydrated organic parsley, brewer’s yeast, organic cinnamon, dehydrated organic mint, sea salt. 


– Improving the health of your dog’s teeth, removing plaque and helping with bad breath

– Pets who suffer from poor oral hygiene and problems caused by dental illnesses

– Suitable for ALL DOGS, including Puppies from 3 months old, Old Dogs, Dogs with Medical Conditions


Ideally feed 1 stick per day however can also feed 1/2 per day for more cost effective method
1 week supply includes 7 sticks.
6 weeks supply includes 42 sticks.
Please note that these sticks will be eaten quickly – they are not a long lasting or sticky chew – the ingredients do the work – just like nature intended!

Customer Reviews

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Jessica Trafford
So glad I can now order these from Posh Pet

I have used rocketo since my boy was a pup. But the fact I can order with smaller shipping times from posh pet is great! Also with the red fish fritters :)

Sophie Taylor
Best dental sticks out there

Miley is super fussy with food but OMG she loves these. We do training with them every night before we give her one. Miley has always had pearly whites and we don’t want that to change. After using some other brands on the market we felt like they were giving her plaque and we were having to brush her teeth all the time. Also found with other brands sometimes they would make her sick the day after using them. WITH THESE WE HAVE HAD NO TUMMY ISSUES! We now only have to brush her teeth every so often.

Kim Akhurst
Love Them!

A great natural chew that works. Plaque is definitely reduced and Coops loves them.

Rocketo dental chews

Delighted to find a dog tooth chew that is not full of toxins and truly organic!! Also first tooth chew that my dog will eat so THANK YOU. Too soon to report on effectiveness re teeth but very happy with them so far and he has asked for me to keep buying them

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